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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Internet in India came into existence on 15 Aug 1995 when VSNL first introduced dial up connections in only six cities which costed Rs 5000 for 250 hrs. and now its the day when India is ranked as 4th in the list of maximum no.of Internet users.

Internet far apart in the history was used only for medical purposes or to communicate in the times of war. But now it is came has came out of this scenario and has entered in our homes, now we use Internet for everything from searching jobs to purchase goods, from searching bride/groom to admissions in schools or college, for e-billing or booking our tickets for airlines or railways so now its a part of our lives and i think this is the reason why the the rate of users is increasing 15.20 % in India. Till today it has reached to 6.9% of population in India, this is not only with the cities but the villagers are familiar to net and its services. Now they order there fertilizers and equipments online, so its a boon to them.

So before the emergence of internet, the main stream of information in India was Postcards and newspapers which were issued by Indian post service but now internet has changed the face of transferring and sharing of information, any thing you want to know can be googled anytime anywhere in the world and with the help of email services u can share them with in no time. Today there are lot many services through which  people living at far off places can feel close to there relatives or friends(like facebook or twitter), therefore its help in building up healthy relationships, so there is no doubt that the magic of net is on every body's mind!!!!

How Internet came in to existence in India.
  • 15 Aug 1995 - VSNL launched Internet package of 250 hrs at Rs 5000, emergence of windows and explorer 1.0.
  • 1996 - Ajit Balakrishnan and Sabir Bhatia launched Rediff and Hotmail respectively, Brien-Pez launched Bacrab named search engine which got its name as Google lately, India's first e-commerce website
  • 1997 - ICICI bank started online banking, India's first successful (.com) website launched, Sabir Bhatia sold Hotmail to Microsoft in Rs 1,760 crores.
  • 1998 - India started its own ISP strategy, sify became India's first own ISP.
  • 1999 - MBA student Manish started that became popular for buying second hand goods, Sify bought in Rs 500 crore, Hindi portal web world started .
  • 2000 - India's first free ISP, calltiger started, started with a huge Ad of Rs 4.5 crore, IT act established, Yahoo started in India as and msn as, India started its own ISP gateway.
  • 2001 - India started online railway ticketing (, to fight cyber crime firsolice station was established in Bengaluru.
  • 2002 - Brokerage website got bankrupt !
  • 2003 - To make air journey comfortable Air Deccan started low ticket fares and e-booking.
  • 2004 - Microsoft started office in Hindi, google's famous GMail started, eBay overtakes India's 
  • 2005 - ITC's 5400 kiosk opened as e-chopal
  • 2006 - Indian govt blocked few websites.
  • 2007 - BSNL started EVDO card as wireless Internet service, which led to 4.6 crore  users of net users.
  • 2008 - MTNL started 3G services.
  • 2010 - Republic day's Live Telecast on Internet, Wi-Max service launched in eastern areas of India.
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Friday, July 30, 2010


Hello guys you must have heard about Windows and Linux. Those operating systems with window's logo & penguin logo. OK so today I'm gonna discuss these things with you all.
you might have a confusion or a desire whats so different with Linux & Windows? so let me explain.

Although Linux & Windows both have a great history of their production,Windows have always dominated over Linux. This is because Windows has a great variety of apps with the ease of there use. So whats the point to discuss over it? i would say NO its worth it because people have always thought that Linux is more difficult to use than Windows. But this is a big miss conception amongst all of us. I agree that using Linux far apart in the past was not an easy task, but from when Linux has became open source the whole face of it has been changed. Its like you are giving away the papers & people mould it in there way to give shapes. So is like with the Linux OS, programmers can easily manipulate the coding & run or add scripts & spread it around at no cost. This means that you can download copies of Linux anywhere, any time at no cost. But as said before, its a bit tricky to handle(my personal experience), because its hell like situation for Window user's same way when you firstly started up Windows in your earlier times.But as you gained knowledge by using Windows same will do the Linux. As everything needs practice.

So Window users waiting to hear something for Windows. Yup Window too is good & great to use because it has been taught to you from your childhood so you know where is your documents,music,pics , stuff, apps of your choice etc. I think i don't need to tell you more about windows anymore but yeah for the Linux users, its my responsibility. Linux users i think you should be little jealous now because you can't every time find the software of your choice, also u need to run the scripts rather we need to run the `.exe' file. So i think you are in loss.
But the question remains at the same place LINUX or WINDOWS. Well well see i have given you few points on which you can setup your criteria because at last its your own choice, who am i to tell you. so make your choice well and good otherwise you would be entangled in your own web.
And before i wrap up, here is a list of few popular Linux OS as you know Windows very well.



Ubuntu 10.4

Slackware 13.1

Opensuse 11.3

Debian 5.0.5


Open solaris

Fedora 12

Linux mint 9 isadora

Sabayon 5

If I'm wrong somewhere then feel free to correct me.
Thank you!
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