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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't hang your PC!

Are you periodically facing the problem of hanging of application or your entire desktop? This must be really frustrating and troublesome sometimes. But don't worry I have the solution to your problem.
Tools Required:
A nice pair of lungs (if you have) or a blower (this could be any leaf blower or vacuum blower)
Your desktop
A screw driver
1)Open up the Chassis of your CPU with the help of a screw driver( be careful while handling it).
2) Dismantle all the hardware from your PC( not recommended for n00bs) or you can leave it attached.
3) Connect your blower in the mains and turn it on. now blow away all the dust which has settled on your motherboard, if the dust is not coming out easily then you can use a paint brush(soft bristles).
4) After this Reassemble all the hardware at its place(just remember the way you took it off).

And you are done with it, actually the dust on the motherboard behaves as an insulator, due to which the signals are blocked, to pass from one place to another.
Remember this is only the hardware solution, it might also because of some software problem or maintenance issue. so use some sort of PC optimizer(e.g.- CCleaner) and a good antivirus(avast antivirus 6).
Last but not the least I'm not liable for any breakdown of your PC or your personal data, do this at your own risk( well there is no risk though but not sure for the n00bs). 

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