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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Clean Micromax Q5 trackball. [solved]

Are you a Micromax user? a Micromax Q5 user?? having trouble with the trackball?? want to get it serviced but the service center takes many days to get it settled? or they charge 250 bucks?? Is it so??
             Don't worry guys here is the solution for you now. now you can clean your trackball just in half an hour with just simple tools! and too free!

Things Required:
A small head screw driver(can be found at any electrical shop)
a thin knife
a safety pin
ethanol/petrol (whatever u get easily)
An old tooth brush or any brush.

Skill: Novice
Time: Approx 1hr
Difficulty: Medium

Disclaimer: Before we start i would like you to know that this procedure will void your warranty. and while following this guide if anything bad goes with the device, i would not be held responsible for that. And this guide is strictly for Micromax Q5 don't try it on Q7 as they are very much different. But don't worry anything won't go wrong unless you screw something.
So lets begin ->

1) Remove the Steel back plate and remove the battery, now take the screw driver and unscrew the four screws which you can see at edges of the body
Ah that was simple!

2) Now with the help of the safety pin remove the two rubber stoppers at the top body which are above the camera. underneath you will see two screws, unscrew them too.

yeah i know there are too many hair!!! but i ain't going for waxing! ;)

Now the difficult part.
3) use the knife or the screw driver to dismantle the upper and lower part of the body. Do it carefully and slowly otherwise you might break the locks which held them together. well I'm doing this from the upper part of the LCD but if you are not sure try to do it from the bottom(the USB and 3.5 jack part) as there will be less chances for the damage but be careful with the mic.

4) Oh man you dismantled the phone that is nice, your first step for the mobile geek! ;) ok now as you can see above the keypad there is the devil(trackball) which is not working properly. Push it from the front side don't worry it is the glue only which is holding it. it will come easily in your hands.

 5) Again take your safety pin, and carefully remove the locks of the trackball it will be a metal lock like this.

took this pic all alone!!! that was hard enough phew!

6) After this it is very easy remove the magnetic rollers you must be thinking what are these rollers for, they send the magnetic signals to the receptors which calculate its rolling speed and act according to it.

7) Now take your brush soak it in acetone/ethanol or petrol and brush it on the rollers so that every bit of dirt will be removed from them and if you have plenty of time use a fine safety pin to clean it.

8) Same you have to do with the plastic ball and it must be all clean!

9) Now clean the sensors which is on the board do it very very gently otherwise you might end up with a faulty sensor remind you again it is a very delicate thing. Don't ever scratch it with a safety pin or any pointed material as you might remove the coating as i did and now its NOT WORKING PROPERLY. Do it with gentle hands with the brush and acetone, that will be enough.

10) Now you are all done assemble every thing as it is and its all the reverse steps of the above guide.
just follow it reversely and if there are any problems, comment please i will help you with whatever i can.
 any doubts comment section is all yours

              If you are facing problem setting up the trackball again see this.


Thank you :)


  1. Nice to know and nice blog BTW..


  2. Good post! Detailed steps and nice snaps too...

  3. Thank you for your above pictures and information.

  4. i did it !
    thanx a lot ..
    u ve saved my mobile n money for very often used 2 replace it @250 to 400 bugs for every 3months. obviously freed tension .

  5. Good work, last month I had the same set but unfortunately its ball had been stopped working and I changed the set but after watching you I can understand that there is every solution, So thanks for sharing this.

  6. Thanks alot man...
    Really helped me alot.
    I just repaired my q5 thanks to you.


  7. Please can u post alink for Q7 users d same as u did for Q5 users as above?

  8. cleaned the trackball. thanks.

  9. thanxx a lot ..reealy gud job.
    help me lot..just cleaned my Q5 trackball

  10. hi I have cleaned my trackball but i am not been able to assemble its trackball. should i use the glue to paste its locks.

  11. Thanks.... I did it for Q75 and its pretty same....

  12. ^^anonymous thanks for sharing the word. Ok this guide can help u with Q75 too.
    And piyush kumar can u post some images of ur phone. Let me see. Use to show ur pics and comment afterwards. Thanks guys.