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Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Operating System

Free Operating System. Yeah you heard it right. We all love free stuff especially in India. We are always sneaking around for free stuff. I’m not saying piracy here. But yes free stuff. The best part about free stuff is? its free works almost every time great, today I’m going to tell you more about it.
            Operating systems are software that supports a computer's basic functions, such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and controlling peripherals. We pay thousands of bucks on it likewise the current Windows 7 Ultimate costs around Rs11000 (approx 200$) or many of you download it by illegal means. Man why to download it, you are supporting piracy. You don’t need to when you get it for free. I’m not going to tell you how to get windows 7 or any other OS which is available in the market for free. Rather I’m going to discuss more about Linux OS. Yeah Linux, you must have stated thinking “this guy is crazy for Linux” but that’s our future dude. Where we are going to use free OS. I don’t know anything about foreign countries but here in India we definitely have a scope of Linux.

Reasons for using Linux

  • Free: First of all the main reason Its Free and Open Source which means its source code is available to you and you can modify it, if you have skills and distribute it over the networks and nobody will give a shit that why or why not you modified the OS because its all legal!
  • Flexibility: Next it supports every kind of PC almost every kind whether its Intel or AMD, high performance or an age old dumb PC it runs pretty well, that’s the biggest strength of Linux. So if you have a Pentium III or Pentium IV doesn’t matter an AMD Athlon processor doesn’t matter! It will run w/o any hiccups!
  • No Virus: Its is not prone to virus and infections, yeah there are practically No viruses for Linux because even if anybody wants to write a virus code, then the open source community will repair it thinking it as a bad code. So you will be safe all the time ;)
  • Working working!: Does all the work of basic computing, earlier there was a time when there was a shortage of Linux users so there were less applications for the need, now as the no. is increasing so is the need.  Just name any software and you will be having that kind of application for you. You have to just name it now (a few exceptional are always there).
  • Control: Greater control over the OS. You can handle each and everything with greater flexibility.
  • No aspirin: No headaches for driver problems(well 99/100 times)
  • Beautiful: Added GUI support offers great graphics and User experience, Linux nowadays is quite attractive. You will have love at first sight thing in your mind.
  • Security: Better encryption and security for your stuff and data.
  • Pre installed apps: All the essential software are pre installed in the system.

There are many more reasons which might compel you to use Linux over Windows.
So it must be buzzing in your head “whether it will be easy for me to switch from windows to Linux? Or will I get proper support for Linux if I get stuck somewhere?”

The answer to these questions are both Yes as well as No. Yes because as in windows you can all the time hover on to the representatives of windows with your problems but in Linux there is no dedicated support yes the developers will help you with everything they have got. But no one to be held responsible later on. There are forums for every OS and Blogs where you can post your problems. 
              Now coming on to switching part, just tell me what was your experience when you first used a Windows PC in your schooling or the first time touched a computer? It must have been all messed up, confused you were mumbling-jumbling on to the things. The same you will feel with Linux (now everything has its first time). Don’t worry but it will actually feel much more difficult than the strangeness because now you are habitual of Windows environment you know where each and everything lies in your PC and your brain will force it to think in that way. So just one thing you have to remember “To be patient and be calm and cool “ with this principle things will work like a charm.
            Now I’m sharing my personal experience with you, I first installed a Linux system on my Pentium IV (yes I once had that crap and I still have it but now not using it). That was Ubuntu 9 I remember that. I just removed it the very next day. Man I had a hard time figuring out what and why it worked seriously WHY!!! “Why did they even make this?”
            But now after giving time to it I have used almost every popular Linux OS that is available on the net and believe me the flexibility it offers is speechless! Currently I have both Win 7 and Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 + Opensuse 12.1) and they work flawlessly. I’m a gamer that is the main reason of using Windows otherwise I can use a Linux OS every time for my purpose. But the latest news I got is the popular PC gaming service ‘Steam’ announced there version on Linux now that’s what I call “killing two birds with one shot” they are encouraging Linux gaming!!! That is pretty impressive for me.

But I need to show you the other side of Linux too.
  • As I said there is no constant support for you.
  • You need a net connection for installing applications.
  • A few applications might not have a substitute or your purchased software like Adobe Photoshop may be useless for you in Linux.
  • Still not that good for gaming.
  • Difficult to find rare hardware drivers like graphic cards(not so frequent revisions of drivers)
  • You won’t be able to compile programs from self. If you download them offline.

At last I would only say just give it some time and after that you will love using it. And now after reading this article you are in a mood to try out Linux, the post below might help you or just click here.

Thank you :)


  1. send a link pls for downloading linux through virtual box... :)

  2. vaibhav here are the links in the bottom of the page.