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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wearable tech - smartwatch, fitness bands and much more

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Welcome back to the n00bs guide.
Today we are looking at some of the smart wearable gadgets which are available in the market ranging from fitness bands,  smartwatches,  smart eyewear and Mind control headsets

So what is a smart Wearable gadget, well the answer is very simple a smart wearable device has an embedded OS which has attached sensors to it and does a specific operation, for example Fitness bands keeps tracks of your burning calories and the no. of steps you are walking. And at the end of the day you can couple it with a Smartphone or look at some Cloud client to see all the stats.

As the Microchips are turning smaller day by day it is becoming feasible to produce and apply them in large scale resulting in such small wearable gadgets. They might look ordinary from a distance but do a great deal of jobs for you and makes your life easier.

So let us start the round up with the Gadgets available in Indian Market.


What is it?
A smartwatch is a device which gets connected to your smartphone and give important feeds and notification on it, it has an Embedded OS like android or Tizen and can be connected via WIFI or a Bluetooth connection to any android or iOS device.

Who needs it?
People, who are constantly on the move, want each and every notification on the go can use this device. As we all know these days the smartphones are getting humongous day by day. All of the size of the device is taken by the Display, otherwise when a smartwatch can be assembled in such a small housing; smartphone can’t? We all need a big evolution in the mobile segment. And this is why it becomes tedious to take out the phone and operate it single handed,

It might benefit people who are traveling in crowded places and can’t take out their phones, apart from that many of these devices are water and dust resistant and somewhat shockproof.

What are its capabilities and future ?
A smartwatch can almost do pretty much anything which your smartphone does. It can make calls, show you your notifications and snippets of the text received, show you GPS coordinates on the go. With the advancement of the Microchips soon they will be able to monitor the pulse of the human body and keep track of heart attack possibilities and alarm the users. So the possibilities are endless. Well everybody loves gadget and we have seen them in movies it looks really cool [ ;) ]

Some worthy mentions.
Motorolla moto 360
Sony MN2 smartwatch
Sony SW2 smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Gear and Gear 2
Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit
Spice Smart Pulse
Pebble 301BL smartwatch
Pebble 401SL smartwatch
LG G watch
Burg 13
Casio G-Shock Digital Bluetooth watch

Activity and fitness bands

What is it?
A fitness band or activity tracker as its name suggests is a tracking device which tracks your daily health stats and helps you achieve your goals too. It records the movements and sleep pattern and tells you about it. All the fitness bands have at least one feature in common that is called a pedometer which counts the number of step you taken while walking or climbing stairs.

It is like a little coach which is with you like all the time, encouraging, discouraging and telling what is happening in your body.

Who needs it?
Again the people who are on the move and can’t look after their health it is a great tool for them as it tracks all the stats from your eating pattern your sleeping patterns, the steps you move in a day and will give adequate tips to improve your health. It is like a health monitor attached to you all day.

What are its capabilities and future?
In today’s world everybody is busy, and nobody is concerned about their health, we as young generation rely on fast food and long working hour, so it becomes mandatory to regulate ourselves and manage that we are doing all day, it might help in improving the life expectancy. And increase the quality of living.

Some worthy mentions.
Jawbone UP
Nike+ FuelBand
Microsoft band
Garmin Vivofit fitness band
Misfit shine Fitness band
Fitbit Flex
Soleus Go activity tracker


What is it?
A smartglass is a device which equips an Embeded OS and has sensors and a microprocessor which gives real-time updates to the user or the person who is wearing that smartglass.
Well this segment is pretty new in the market and hasn’t been launched properly, but still is available somehow. It is capable of capturing images and videos on the go without even telling people that they are being recorded but the main concern comes with these is its privacy.

Who needs it?
Everybody needs it. Who doesn’t want to look cool, it more like a fashion accessory to people. Apart from that people are massively active on social media and want to share every second of their life in real time this is a great tool for them.
Apart from that as it can give real time updates we don’t need to constantly dig into our phones for the obvious stuff and notifications.

What are its capabilities and future?
It has vast possibilities for both consumer and commercial sector ranging from military to medical sector and normal people. It might be the next game changer in the segment. Currently it supports video recording, GPS, making calls , internet search etc. and the innovation wont stop with it.

Some worthy mentions.
Google glass (US only)
Vergence Labs’ Epiphany Eyewear

Click here for a full list of smartglasses

Mind control headsets

What is it?
As the name suggests it is the next generation gadget which is not cheap at all. It sits on your head and let you control other things be it software or hardware. It uses the brain’s electric signals (Electroencephalography EEG) amplifies them and respond accordingly.

Who need it?
As it is in its infant stage, nothing can be said much about it right now, the production cost is quite expensive right now, and so its availability, it costs around $400 to the normal consumer, many users use it to control their games, drones or other hardware. It can be used for checking the concentration of the user too.

What are its capabilities and future?
The future lies in the hands of the user and producer, in the coming years it can be used by the medical professionals and military intelligence and so on; it might be a game changer in the gaming segment and bring a big revolution for the prospected gamers.

Some worthy mentions.
Emotiv EPOC+
NeuroSky mind wave headset

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