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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Must have PC maintenance tools

Tired of formatting your desktop or laptop again and again? Virus is affecting your system? Corrupting your data?
Lets start off without wasting any time.


 antivirusAn antivirus is the most obvious and most under maintained thing in the system. Invest in a good antivirus otherwise you will have to invest in recovering your data from a professional or in the worst case due to a Ransomware [yes that is a new term, in layman terms a PC is locked down from remote location and user needs to pay to unlock it, yeah this is harassment and illegal too].
I have come across with people who don’t even install an antivirus program as they say it slows down their system, come on guys its not your antivirus, it signals; that it is the time to buy a new ram with a big memory pool.
Well this used to happen when people were using windows XP there is still a large community who is using windows XP a humble request to them please install a nice antivirus program and sacnj your system with it periodically.
Just installing an antivirus won’t benefit you well in most of the cases it can but not every time, update it regularly, if your license expires buy a new license, run deep scans once in a month. 


using-free-Ccleaner A very helpful and easy to use tool believe me I use it myself that too daily, it is your one stop shop for uninstalling apps, clearing temporary files, cleaning unneeded registry entries, disable startup programs and more I cant list each and everything here but once you start using it there is no need of any other optimizer tool and its free too!! In every update the app comes with flying colors. So it is highly recommended to use it and update .


Most of us don’t know what is fragmentation regarding Harddisks, again in layman terms when we copy[read], paste[write] or delete[remove] we are shuffling memory on the Hardisk due to which the continuity of the memory breaks which results in slow search results or Harddisk operations to overcome it we use the process of Defragmentation which reorganizes the data in a continuity. It is by far the most simple and easy defragmentation tool, although Microsoft provides its own program of defragment application but a third party app enhances the whole experience, I would say try both of these app the default by Microsoft and Defraggler and afterwards you will reach for Defraggler only. 
Run this process of defragmentation once in a month if you system never sleeps I mean you are shifting the data too frequently; otherwise once in two-three months will also do.

Process explorer

 It is the jack of all trades, you don’t get the full view of which processes are running in your system’s task manager what is their memory foot print? What amount of the network is it using. It tells all the useful details child processes parent process, I just cant cover whole of the application in this article it is that great tool; again completely free!

Hw monitor

Hardware-monitoring-with-Hw-monitorNot only your software or OS needs to be healthy you being the system Doctor need to ensure that your hardware is in perfect state too! What if you are using your system and suddenly it restarts and you don’t have a clue. It might be because your processor is heating up a lot but how will you tell at what temperature is it working on?, use this nifty program HW monitor it will give all the temperatures and voltages of the components installed in your cabinet or your lappy, and decide which components need to be replaced soon. 

Harddisk scanners


Sometimes you might feel that your harddisk is creating this weird noise or giving errors very frequently, now you just cant open your HDD to check whats going wrong with it, don’t worry your HDD manufacturer has got you covered with it, just use their diagnostic tools it will tell you whether its time for a new one or if you have HDD sector errors it might be able to replace it with spare sectors lying in the HDD its worth using these tools in the time of need rather to take it to the service center. WD diagnostic and Seagate Seatools are some dedicated scanners available for free.


We all know every kind of the data is now digitized and the size of it, is increasing too and our memory requirements are getting high day by day, but can you buy a new HDD ever other day or month? but how will you tell what is it taking so much of space on that drive? Now you just can’t go and check each and every folder. The easy way is to use this great tool I recently discovered it and found it of great help and I was able to save like 10-20 GB on each drive. Isn’t that a magic? I didn’t know what was lying in my system and when I found that I removed it right away.

 Data Recovery tools

What if you system is so badly affected that you need to format it and all of the data too.
Well you have two options for that one you use a System rescue disk and save all the data and if you can’t do that, then you use a data recovery software for that among all of the available free tools I find Recuva a bit easy to use I have a full article on that you can read it Data recovery with Recuva, and for other recovery tools I have a again a very detailed articled on Review: data recovery tools.

System Rescue disks

I love these disks and the role they play in my life, first of all they are completely free, these are based on Linux and completely open source.
What a system rescue disk does is that it will run on your system like a secondary OS without any installation required, from a CD/DVD ROM or USB flash drive then you can copy all of your required data from the HDD to any other device or external Drive.
It is not compulsory to find a System rescue disc one can use any Linux OS and don’t worry Linux will not bite you, it is as easy as using windows OS these days even better experience than that. Always keep a CD/DVD or USB drive ready with a system rescue disk who knows when you might need it!


A few things can’t be sought by yourself alone, for that you need expert help in the time of need you might not be able to visit any service center and need your system urgently. Then team viewer might be able to help you, as it gives remote access to a person with whom you share your team viewer ID and password. He is able to control your system from remote location and troubleshoot your system. Highly recommended and effective as well.



In the end of the day it is your HDD which has data stored in it. And it is valuable to each one of us. For ensuring that your data is never lost in the process one can setup RAID in his/her system. I know you are clueless; RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. RAID can be setup in different levels such as RAID 0 to RAID 6. The best I would recommend is RAID 1 which makes an exact copy of one HDD to another HDD and in the time of failure you have no data loss. Explore the world of RAID here

So these are essential system maintenance tools which one need to have installed on their system, and if you follow this guide I can guarantee you that you won’t need to format your system for at least 1 and half years telling from my own experiences. I didn’t formatted my PC for more than two years, by just following these small tips and free programs I hope you enjoyed this article if you loved it don’t forget to share it with your friends and like the Facebook page , you can tweet here on
looking forward to hear from you
Have a good day

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