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About Us

This blog is about teaching n00bs(newbies) about the small things which they need in this digital world.
As said earlier this page is meant to teach the n00bs. now don't misunderstand me with the word 'n00b', in this world at some point in our lives we are n00bs. In fact we are still a n00b, right now also we are learning something or the other. which means we never stop learning, this page is dedicated towards people like us who are standing in this digital world and face small small problems like using the technical stuff. To simplify this i made this blog to spread the word to make it easier for us. i hope your contribution of understanding it will make our lives simpler and better. 
To tell you the truth every master in technology was a n00b in his/her past but they have learned and explored themselves in these fields. Now if you are also called a n00b don't be afraid I'm here to help you. I wish you a happy reading experience. 

Our Motto

Being n00b is good !